About us

Gorgona Restaurant welcomes you to Crete

The story begins in 1983 when it opened for the first time the restaurant “Gorgona” by four sisters and it was named after it was called by the inhabitants of the village. They formed the old building of their grandfather in a restaurant, making the best use of the products of our region. With homemade recipes, they created the meeting point of the local people at that time. The restaurant continued to operate until 1997 when it left a heritage to their children.

The Gorgona is situated in a wonderful location, in the area of Plakias Rethymnon, on the sea, with an island lush coloring and a relaxed atmosphere. The basic principle of the restaurant is simple. To give to every of our guest the opportunity to enjoy the time thereby eating good Greek food. Each of the ingredients either meats or fish or vegetables and cheeses are selected with great care in order to maintain quality at a high level.

We cook daily for you.  

Traditional Cretan Cuisine by the Sea

We learned from our parents and kept all these years in full Cretan traditional recipes, continuing the tradition and using local products. We cook daily for you to feel like eating in a hospitable Cretan house. Additionally, our region’s kitchen is one of the nicest elements of the culture that is worth discovering when you are on vacation. Especially if we are talking about Cretan cuisine we will be glad to discover it through Gorgona.

The entire team of Gorgona restaurant is always at your disposal with a smile, good mood and always accompanied by either wine or traditional tsikoudia.